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Our Quarterly Perimeter Service provides a convenient pest control solution to protect your home, yard and family. Insects can spread disease, germs, sting, or bite. Don't allow these unwanted pests to invade your private property. Safari Termite & Pest Control will provide you with safe and reliable service by making an aggressive exterior treatment every three (3) months.

Timing is everything

It's important to remember that timing is vital especially in the fall when treating the outside of your home. Insects in general gather in large numbers in the late fall. When the temperature starts to drop and the days begin to shorten, insects will migrate toward shelter which includes any of your dwellings. Our Quarterly Perimeter Service is completely guaranteed for the following crawling insects:

  • carpenter ants
  • spiders
  • roaches
  • scorpions
  • earwigs
  • silverfish
  • centipedes
  • mole crickets

An insecticide perimeter treatment operates as the best first course when defending your home against invading creepy-crawlies. After they enter your home, bugs go into a state of semi dormancy until winter passes. They will stay together in this resting state in crawl spaces, attics, and wall voids.

Guaranteed Quarterly Perimeter Service

Our goal is to prevent pests from entering your home and becoming an unwanted visitor. With our guaranteed Quarterly Perimeter Service, we can eliminate the need for you to make appointments for monthly or seasonal services. More importantly, you will not expose your family and friends to unnecessary pesticide applications inside your home. We will also treat for fleas and provide interior rodent control if needed. Should you have problems between scheduled quarterly services we will retreat, including the inside if necessary, at no charge to you.

Residential Pest Control in Jacksonville


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