Rodent Control Jacksonville 

Have you been hearing noises coming from the roof or ceiling? If so, you could have a family of roof rats or other wildlife living in your attic space. Like Florida's insect population, rodents of all types find our hot, humid weather most desirable. Although most residents think the roof above their head is a rock solid structure, it is not. There are numerous vents, utility and plumbing access points as well as structural intersections where small gaps lie just below the shingles. Rodents and small wildlife like flying squirrels only need a hole about the size of quarter to gain access into your home. Other species of invasive wildlife are well equipped to gnaw their way into your ceilings and walls.

Common Entry Points for Rodents & Wildlife

Since one of the two species of rats common to Jacksonville is an avid climber (roof rats), your home's roof has many ideal entry points. Not to be left out, Norway (or sewer) rats have an abundance of access points through wall structures. Some common culprits for rodent and wildlife access include:

  • Roof Intersections
  • Gable Vents & Ridge Caps
  • Eaves & Fascia Intersections
  • Soffit Vents
  • Utility Access Points
  • Laundry Vents
  • Attached Breezeways
  • Garage Door Corners
  • Wall Grates
  • Ground Level A/C Access

From roof top to ground level, buildings have many inviting openings that appeal to wildlife looking for a good home. Since rodents are notoriously fast breeders, it is prudent to contact a reputable pest control company when you initially see or hear signs an intruder.

How a Pest Control Company Can Help

Although mice are often portrayed as innocent and cute, no homeowner ever wants to see a rat in their house; and for good reasons. In addition to having unwanted guests living with you and your family, rodents are common carriers of serious bacterial diseases, such as bubonic plague or meningitis. Rodent control is definitely not easy and doing the job correctly requires the experience and expertise of a seasoned professional.

When you choose Safari Termite and Pest Control, our technicians can perform a thorough inspection to locate areas where animal invaders have urinated or defecated in your attic or walls. Once the size of the infestation is determined, we'll select the preferred method to kill, trap or remove unwanted wildlife. We will also identify any areas in your home that will need repaired or sealed to prevent future problems. Call today to discuss your needs for rodent control or wildlife removal.